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Besides, the structure of an argumentative essay is not a piece of cake as apart from your claims, you need to address the opposing opinions and prove them wrong. All of these aspects can be successfully handled with the help of proper preparation, organized writing process, and attentive proofreading. Yes, you can use personal experience as evidence to support your argument in an argumentative essay. However, make sure that it relates to the topic and adds something unique to your claims. If you feel intimidated by a blank page and do not know how to start an argumentative essay introduction, pause and think about your argument. You should clearly understand what you are going to write about.

Argumentative Essay

Readers are more easily persuaded if they can empathize with your point of view. Outline secondary supports for each of your major points, including evidence, examples, explanations, testimony, cause/effect, etc. and, of course, include your reference material. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. To accept cookies click the “Ok, I agree” button, or view our privacy statement for more information. ssuming that your thesis is about reducing consumption of sugary products and ways to do it).

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be sure to spend some time researching your topic before writing about it and make sure you reference where you have sourced this knowedge from. A complete unit of work on discussions and arguments for teachers and students. A bit of background information is often needed early in the essay to understand the argument. Teaching our students the basics of argument and discussion is not about tooling them up to ‘win’. The processes of discussion are as much about the student discovering what they think as they are about persuading others to agree with them.

Argumentative Essay

Brainstorm, research, talk, and think about your topic before settling on a thesis. If you are having trouble formulating a thesis, begin freewriting about your topic. If you cannot state your purpose clearly, try to freewrite about your topic. Working in partnership alongside Innovative Teaching Ideas we confidently recommend this resource as an all in one solution to teach how to write an argument.

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In some styles of essay writing, the introduction may open with an engaging hook or narrative. While there is nothing wrong with engaging writing, in argumentative essay writing, the writer should pursue clarity above flourish. After building a thorough outline, you will be ready to start writing. If you have a complete outline, the writing process should mostly consist of connecting evidence and fleshing out sections of your paper with transitions. It is important to make sure that your essay has a natural and logical flow. Many young writers and students add a lot of flourish to their writing to “sound smart” or mimic academic-sounding writing.

Second, higher education allows students to have more opportunities for personal development, which is useful for improving future promotion chances. According to Kopzhassarova et al. , the curriculum of most educational institutions is built with a focus on independent learning that enhances critical thinking skills. This helps students to learn how to analyze, structure, and interpret information. Moreover, they can become more responsible and improve personal discipline. Thus, education allows students to develop the skills necessary for promotion. The Rogerian argument allows recognizing the existence of opposing opinions before you introduce your own claim.

It is important to remember that anyone can write things on the internet without any kind of publication standards for accuracy, so using blogs and many websites is not a good idea in an academic paper. Often, it is helpful to end with a look forward to further research that could be done on the topic in light of what you have said in your paper. but the most important thing is that you cover all aspects of the issue. Avoid implicating opposing views as wrong because it could alienate your readers.

In this example, we can see the major properties of an effective conclusion at work. At the beginning, the author restates their thesis with attention to the evidence presented in the body of an essay. Then, they redress some of the evidence that they have presented throughout the essay, identifying areas where further research is needed. Lastly, they connected their research to broader societal issues, reminding the reader why their research is relevant and important.